Indie Bookstore Day: Where To Go, What To Read

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In our new series Office Crush, we're asking people with the coolest jobs to take us to work. First up, actress Willa Fitzgerald (Little Women, The Goldfinch, and Scream, the TV series) lets us shadow her for a day of meditation, script-reading, and CBD.

“I remember performing for an audience for the first time in middle school, and telling my mom I felt like I was flying,” Willa Fitzgerald says. “I’m chasing that feeling day after day.”

Fitzgerald sees her acting career as an exploration of the human condition, always seeking to go deeper on universal topics. But, Fitzgerald admits, her day-to-day can feel more like a game of Russian roulette. Sometimes she’s under the gun for hours on set; sometimes it’s a waiting game/Spotify dance party in her trailer. “You never know what’s going to happen next, who you’ll work with, where you’ll be, and although that can sometimes be maddening, it’s also incredibly exciting and energizing,” she says. “It’s a career like no other.”

While there’s not really such a thing as a typical day for an actress, Fitzgerald says her one constant is figuring out how to eat mindfully, on and off set. “It’s been a long path to finding a healthy and largely unencumbered relationship to my body,” she admits. Her strategies: Opt mostly for whole foods, reduce added sugar, tune in to actual hunger versus “boredom hunger,” slow down, and learn what foods make you feel good. Occasionally Fitzgerald will deviate, using food as a way to connect with her character. “For instance, when I was in Ireland shooting Little Women, bread and butter made a lot of sense, so I went with it, ” she says, laughing.

To avoid eating too much craft-service pizza, Fitzgerald’s trailer is always stacked with RX bars, almond butter, dark chocolate, rice cakes, and meal-prepped lunches. You’ll also find multiple books, watercolors, speakers, a foam roller and yoga mat, and resistance bands. “I do not travel light; I’m honestly like a soccer mom,” she jokes. But even more challenging than eating well on set, Fitzgerald says, is sleeping. “Between the weird hours and stress, I rely completely on meditation, three milligrams of melatonin, and a hefty dose of CBD.” (She loves the CBD oil from Plant People, which is co-owned by her beau, Gabe Kennedy.)

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