Running With Fibromyalgia

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mother riding a train at the zoo with her three children

4. “Had a really bad flare one day and my daughter took care of her momma all day, making sure I rested and did what I needed to to get through the pain.” – Erika M.

12 year old's "prescription" for her mother: go to sleep early and stay on couch all night

5. “As a mom with fibro I often have to use my imagination and be creative to find things I am able to do. This particular day my arms and legs were hurting really bad. My little girl and I were pretending that she was a hair dresser.” – Denise E.

young daughter putting pink clips in her mother's hair

6. “I can’t even tell you how much pain my back was in, and how incredibly exhausted I was when I took this picture yesterday… But we smile and we push through because others are counting on us.” – Terri D.

mother smiling with her son

7. “Beach day with my kids after sitting out kayaking and hiking during our vacation. For the most part I have made my peace with FM pain, as in I know that the pain is a constant in my life and that I have to work around it but I really really hate the feeling that goes through my mind when I feel that I have failed them somehow as a parent. As parents, we always want to be there for our kids, for their every step, every milestone, every PTM meeting, every game, their highs and lows and most importantly, we want them to be kids for as long as they possibly can. What I absolutely hate about FM is that my kids have had to grow up faster due to my ever-present pain.” – Lakshmi R.

mother standing on the beach with her two sons

8. “Sprawled on [the] sofa in pain wishing I could sit and and play on the floor too.” – Nicola B.

woman lying on the couch while her son plays on the floor

9. “[I’m a] grandmother with fibromyalgia. Her grandfather has to do most of the cuddling because my arms get tired and achy. However, I have to get my cuddle time in now because she will probably outgrow my ability to hold her at all in just a few months.” – Sarah N.

man in a white shirt holding his baby granddaughter against his chest

10. “Wasn’t feeling well and put my head down for a bit. Must have fallen asleep.” – Elizabeth T. [The note says “Do not disturb.”]

sticky note that says "do not disturb" in children's handwriting

11. “This was just over two years ago after my son was born. My symptoms increased exponentially once he was born. This is one of the rawest and most vulnerable pictures I have of myself. I was exhausted, as every new mother is, but I was also so sad. Sad because my whole body hurt so badly that I could barely hold my little baby without crying from pain. Sad because what should have been a joyous occasion was overshadowed by my disease. You’ll notice my hair is a mess. That’s because I couldn’t lift my arms high enough to fix it that morning. I could only sit, and lean back with my son on my chest and only with the support of a boppy pillow…Thankfully I have a partner who understands just how much pain I hide and is more than willing to help in any way he can and care for our son when I physically can’t.” – Virginia R. K.

mother holding her baby son against her chest

12. “Me with my cuddle buddy on a rough day.” – Starlet L.

woman with glasses cuddling with a young boy

13. “Playing a game with my baby girl in bed because I’m just too sore to stay up.” – Tracy H. F.

mother lying in bed with her daughter climbing around her

14. “In this photo I’m in a horrible flare-up, so to make me feel better my son came in to snuggle with me. He rubbed my back and my daughter brushed my hair. Then they said they wanted to take photos with me because they love me. They understand I spend a lot of days in my bed tied up to my ‘leash,’ a.k.a. heating pad. They are able to get food for themselves, they’re able to entertain themselves and be able to take care of me. It’s a horrible burden to have on my 3- and 7-year-old, but they are happy to take care of me since when I’m not in a flare-up I take care of them so well.” – Danielle M.

mother lying in bed with her son and daughter

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